Energy Smart Homes 

What makes our homes unique?

1. Windows are Magnolia Low E.  Low-emissivity coatings reduce heat transfer through windows by limiting the amount of radiant energy they emit.  

2. Tech-Shield roofing.  Radiant Barrier sheathing reduces cooling cost by blocking up to 97% of the radiant heat in the panel from emitting into the home's attic, lowering attic temperature by up to 30 degrees F.

3. AirRenew Drywall - Improves indoor air quality by removing formaldehyde from the air and converting it into a sage inert compound.  

4. Insulation - R38 in ceiling, R13 batt walls, pipes wrapped, crawl space, garage walls, and floors are insulated.

5. Appliances are energy star rated

6. Plumbing fixtures are Moen and come with a lifetime warranty.  

7. HVAC - high efficiency electrical central air conditioning, 14 SEER R410-A

8. Roofing - 30 - year Owens Corning shingles

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